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Christmas calendar

With only a month or so to go, the cosiest time of the year is at our doorstep! Are you already looking forward to it as much as we do? Well why not count down the days with you self-made Christmas calendar!

What do you need?

  • 13 cards made out of solid paper
  • Some washi tape
  • A marking pen
  • A Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-3

Step 1

Write down the odd numbers from 1 till 15 and the even numbers from 18 till 24 on 12 cards made out of solid paper with the marker. The 13th card, you use to write down “Merry Xmas”

Step 2

Print the pictures of your 12 best Christmas memories with the instax SHARE SP-3.

Step 3

Stick the washi tape onto your wall in a Christmas tree shape (this can be really rough!)

Step 4

Arrange alternating the cards and the pictures in the Christmas Tree, this beginning from the bottom. If you have done that, you can count down the days till Christmas

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