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Information on SQ20 Firmware update to Ver. 1.01

1. Content of Update

The new version of firmware has mended the failure informed by ITIE40 (About SQ20 camera operations during charging by USB power adapter; when using a USB power adapter to charge the SQ20, in some cases its LCD screen shows the message "USB" and operations are not possible.)

2. Additional Information Regarding Failure

Although it is very rare and is not a fault from the new version of firmware, there might be a case in which SQ20 misrecognize PC as USB power adapter. If this failure occurred, try these two ways below. SQ20 will sense that it has got connected to a PC.
∙ Reseat USB cable plug connected to PC.
∙ Detach USB cable plug from PC and reboot the PC. After rebooted, insert the USB cable plug in PC.

Failure: SQ20 failed to sense PC.

SQ20 LCD screen display

∙ The left figure shows an example when the camera is in replay mode.
∙ SQ20 has misrecognized PC as USB power adapter. A stored image is displayed and the camera is operable.

Normal state: SQ20 senses PC

SQ20 LCD screen display
・The camera is not operable with with "USB" displayed.