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Creative wall decoration with your favourite photos

Using Shacolla from Fujifilm you can transform your photos into a creative and easily interchangeable wall decoration in an instant. No drill, screws or nails required.

Shacolla is a light material of just a few mm thick. The front and back are covered with a film. Once this is removed, you can stick your photo on the front. Then remove the film from the back and your photo is ready to stick on the wall.

Stress-free! Thanks to our special glue, you can immediately stick the Shacolla in another spot if you prefer, without causing any damage to your walls. Of course, with there being so many different types of wall covering, it is always best to test it out first in a concealed spot.

Using Shacolla and the various formats, you can also create lovely photo collages on the wall. And if you get tired of them after a while, simply choose some new photos, a new shape or a new location and your room will be transformed.

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